Sunday, May 17, 2009

10 Weeks Out

Another busy-crazy fast week. We had HIBACHI 10 Dinner on Friday night w/ the Fitness 121 TEAM (Minus Bobby.) Bobby was getting the results of his shoulder MRI and will be having surgery on May 28th. He's strong and has an amazing pain-threshold so he'll be performing pushups in no time.

As for my body. I'm holding up O.K. I just got fitted for some new orthotics so I should be good to go for the final push to IRONMAN.

Here was last weeks training.

Sunday: 2 hr Bike indoors.
Monday: 40 minute swim.
Tuesday: Rest/day off.
Wednesday: 1 hr run-felt very good.
Thursday: 90 minute bike indoors.
Friday: 35 minute swim. Strength Work in the p.m.
Saturday: 90 minute run.

I'm feeling pretty good but getting a little nervous about the temperature of the Lake I'm about to jump into in 2 weeks. I told my friends that I'll be the "high pitch-lady like screaming" they hear; about 1 minute after the gun sounds. I'm praying for a HEATWAVE in Northeast PA over the next 10 days. That water IS going to be COLD.

Frank Pucher

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