Saturday, May 23, 2009

9 Weeks Out

The weather was actually pretty decent this week. I got a few (2) good runs in and even got a few (2) swims in (actually that was indoors?) I even started the week with an awesome bike ride of (albeit indoors too.) Looking at it objectively, the weather was good and my training was mediocre. But fortunately work has been excellent!

Here was last weeks training:

Sunday: 3.5 hrs of riding (no LOST DVD's so it was very boring)
Monday: 40 minute swim
Tuesday: Nothing-Nada-Zilch
Wednesday: 1hr run-felt good
Thursday: (see Tuesday)
Friday: 35 minute swim
Saturday: At Beach..1 hour run, felt a little tired?

My friend Rachel called my the other day on her way to NJ via Wisconsin, actually she called from Indiana. We spoke travel, training & nutrition. She told me that with our 1/2 Ironman coming up next week "the important thing is to just finish." She also laughed at my feeble nutritional plan (for race day) and my lack of "bike training." I agreed, the important thing is to finish. As long as it's under 5 hrs & 30 min...anything else is un-acceptable-to ME.

Just finish is a strategy for those that dip their toe of the unknown. Having done 1 of these before, I can't help hold myself to another standard.

Frank Pucher

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