Sunday, April 19, 2009

14 Weeks Out

Last weeks training; a comparison guide for my friends and the curious.

Sunday: 80 minute run, very windy - felt OK.
Monday: 40 minute run, ran in "old" running shoes w/o my orthotic. Bad idea for anyone & bad idea for me. My arch has been aching since.
Tuesday: 90 minute bike indoors & strength training.
Wednesday: 1 hr swim. My farthest-furthest? swim ever. Felt surprisingly good-well?
Thursday: 90 minute bike indoors & strength training.
Friday: 40 minute run w/ new running shoes & orthotic. Arch still ached-hurt?
Saturday: 90 minute run. Felt really good and arch appears to be getting better. I also dropped my bike off for repairs/tune up. Next weekend I'll venture out on my wheels.

It was a pretty good week for the most part. I am glad I got some more running in. I do wish I had an extra swim day, but work has been really busy. I'm going to aim for 2 days of swimming, 3 days of cycling and 3 days of running next week.

One final thought. For many years I've been asked by people who know me "any marathons coming up?" or "you still running?" Lately; I've been asked "how's the triathlon training coming along?" A stranger (to me) approached me at lunch the other day and asked "are you that Triathlon guy?" I smiled and said "Yes I am!"

Frank Pucher

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