Monday, April 27, 2009

13 Weeks Out

I picked up some new running shoes last week and I figured it was time for me to start putting them to use. Besides, the weather was amazing, my bike was in the shop and the clock is a tickin.

Last weeks training was as follows:

Sunday: Rest Day
Monday: 40 minute run & strength train
Tuesday: 2 hour bike indoors
Wednesday: 45 minute swim & 40 minute run
Thursday: 2 hour bike indoors & strength train
Friday: 1 hr bike indoors
Saturday: 90 minute run outside (nice warm Florida like weather!)
Sunday: 50 minute run outside, again a nice warm day.
-Overall I felt good this week. I would have like another swim but my schedule didn't allow for it.

The coming week, I will try to focus on my swim a little more. Maybe 3x this week with some more strength work. I plan on running the Long Branch 1/2 Marathon Sunday as a "quality training run" and perhaps run around 1:35-1:40.

Frank Pucher

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