Tuesday, April 7, 2009


By now, most "Resolutions" have gone by the waist side. I suggest some "Devotion" instead. Beginning today, Devote yourself to these 3 simple things.

1 - What you do...Cardiovascular and weight training…You need both to preserve and improve heart and lung health (cardiovascular) and build and maintain healthy tissue (muscle, skin, bone, organ function). The answer to how long depends on how hard and how smart you work. Every "body" is different; speak with your trainer about how you can improve your current program.

2 - What you ingest...You say you "love" food? Good, now learn to love good food. It’s too hard to eat well you say? Then please don't complain about your body. Eat a balanced diet. Consume more fruits and vegetables than you are currently. If nothing else, drink more water. I can't make it any more simple.

3 - What you think about… We are but products of our own continuous thoughts. Whatever we choose as our focus, becomes our reality - eventually . See yourself as healthy, and energetic and the picture will aid you in your endeavors. Most people fail to change their lifestyle simply because they feel it is too far out of their reach. You must first see it and believe it FOR YOURSELF if you are to achieve it. Around my neck is a TAG that reads "Move in the direction of where you want to go, if you do - you will."

It's perhaps the most valuable lesson I have ever learned. Try it for yourself. Start today.

Frank Pucher

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