Sunday, April 12, 2009

15 Weeks Out

Last weeks training; a comparison guide for my friends and the curious.

Sunday: 3.5hrs on my bike trainer, consuming water every 15minutes, Gatorade on the 30 & Powerbar 1 per hour. Lot's of VH1.
Monday: Swim 40 minutes, nothing fancy. Felt good, first day in pool in 2 weeks. Strength work in the p.m.
Tuesday: Bike 1.5hrs indoors. Felt OK.
Wednesday: Run 1hr outdoors, cool/windy. Felt good.
Thursday: Bike 1.5hrs indoors. Felt OK, again. Strength work in the p.m.
Friday: Swim 40 minutes (short on time today, wanted 1hr). Felt good.
Saturday: Wind/Rain and needed day off.

Overall, the week was good. I would have liked another run along with some more stretching time, but I'll take what I can get. I have changed my lunch routine this week also, more chicken and rice (I need more calories than my salad was providing). Like my training, my diet will go according to how I feel.

Next week I need to drop my bike off for some serious maintenance work. Handlebars, wheels and gears all need "fixing". I'll perhaps focus more on my run next week as (Ironically) I'm starting to feel less comfortable in that discipline.

Frank Pucher

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