Thursday, April 30, 2009

Only Thursday?

It has been a busy day - let alone week.
We are in the process of being nominated for Fitness Facility of the Year. Now, other places may be BIGGER, some even have NICER SINKS in their locker room, but WE have the BEST TRAINERS, period!
Tomorrow is the FINAL day to vote for the 2009 T-Shirts. We are rolling out some new advertising in our local community to celebrate the 1 year mark of our "New" facility. Perhaps, most important is that we are knocking on the door to the "Hibachi 10."

In February, my TEAM and I traveled to Virginia for the 2009 IDEA Personal Trainers Conference. Basically, a collection of the best and the brightest sharing with one another. If you don't go to this conference each year you either:
a) are too smart to possibly learn anything from the 100's of top professionals
in our industry.
b) are too dumb to realize that "the best teachers
always remain a student."

I don't accept another excuse as these events are scheduled 12 months in advance and have attendance from around the globe!

Moving on...while in Virginia on our last evening, the TEAM & I went out for Hibachi. We sat around the table eating, drinking and having a great time. One of my employees said "We should do this again!" So I created the "HIBACHI 10". Every time we gain 10 NEW Clients we go out for Hibachi "Business Expense".
We put up a dry erase board in our staff room that reads HIBACHI 10. Every time a new client signs up we mark a notch. Since March 1st we are @ 8 with 3 evaluations scheduled for next week as of this morning! Call it the Law Of Attraction or whatever you will but we think - talk and joke about it each day. I'd say it helps!

As some of you know; I have been working in a Master Mind Group for the last month (a select group of 16 Top Fitness Professionals from around the U.S.) We exchange info and ideas and function as a TEAM to bring about the greatest in each other. It has been very rewarding thus far.

This weekend will bring me to my old "stomping grounds" of Long Branch, NJ. The NJ Marathon Weekend will take place and 4 of our Clients & Friends will be competing. Good Luck to Kelly, James, Lori & Barbara.

Frank Pucher

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